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Can I still have knee pain even after TKR?

All of us know of more than one person who went for knee replacement surgery but still has pain like before, or even more than before. In some patients, the pain decreases, but not fully.

Adverse knee pain occurs in 10–34% of all total knee replacements (TKR), and 20% of TKR patients experience more pain post-operatively than pre-operatively. Knee pain is amongst the top five reasons for knee replacement revision in the United Kingdom. This is the data of the UK, Indian data is even worse.


How is my knee still paining when they have removed the joint surfaces that were rubbing?

The answer is simple because the pain

was not caused by the joint surface in your case.




But some pain after surgery is natural, right?

That severe pain for a few days to weeks is natural.

Here we are talking about residual pain which will not go away.




What else can be causing the knee pain?

The ligaments around the joint. They are not replaced during surgery. Sometimes, the prosthesis is not tightly fitting and thus keeps rubbing












What can be done now?

Do not lose hope. Let me examine and find the cause of your pain. Treating the pain would be easy after confirming the pain generator.

knee after surgery.png
knee pain after surgery

Knee Pain after SURGERY

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