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Dr Nitish Mandal


I have done Training In Pain Management, TIPM, from Nashville, USA in 2019. Before that, I did a Fellowship In Pain Management, FIPM from Kolkata in 2012 and was working as a consultant in pain medicine in Bangalore at Fortis and Reliv. I am an MD in Anesthesiology from BJMC Gujarat but have decided to dedicate myself solely to pain medicine. 

As a pain doctor, I have experienced that adequate attention to pain is not given by other specialities. Pain is considered to be just a symptom of an underlying disease. But pain is the most disturbing aspect to the sufferer, limiting daily life and productivity more than high blood pressure and sugar, not letting the patient fulfil his duties of family and workplace. And sometimes, pain is not just a symptom, but the disease itself.

Doctors are increasingly relying on tests and imaging more than conversation and examination. This may work in other specialities but not in pain because most of the time there is no clear reason. And sometimes, the cause of pain is somewhere else than where it is felt.

My training in Nashville taught me to emphasize talk and touch because patients are not machines, they are humans with different beliefs, limitations and lifestyles. Moreover, it taught me to make an accurate diagnosis first, and rely more on a diagnostic block than other costly imaging techniques like MRI and CT.

And so, here I am, committed to taking away the pains of my patients while following my motto of 'Minimum Medicines, Maximum Relief.

Education & Training


TIPM, Nashville Pain Center, Nashville


FIPM, Daradia, Kolkata


MD, BJMC, Ahmedabad

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