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Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine's popularity is fast increasing as an answer to severe pains accompanied by depression. Difficult to treat conditions like Neuropathic pains, CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Treatment-resistant depression, depression with suicidal thoughts, etc respond well to this therapy. There is a considerable decrease in pain, improvement in mood, better sleep, appetite, and function. You will feel energized, and your friends and family will marvel at you.

A low dose of ketamine is used that has virtually no severe or permanent side effects. Most patients will see results after a single session but few resistant cases will need 2-6 sessions to experience significant pain relief and mood upliftment.

There are no chances of addiction to ketamine when given as a very slow infusion because you will not get high. 

Taking treatment repeatedly to fight severe pain and depression is not an addiction. Diabetics do not get addicted to insulin, they need it to function properly and enjoy life. The effect of Ketamine becomes longer and longer lasting with every session. And as you start coming out of that pit and functioning properly, the conditions of your life improve, which helps keep the pain and depression away.


After you are positioned comfortably, the area of injection is cleaned and prepared. An I.V. cannula is inserted in an arm vein and fixed. The Low-Dose Ketamine is mixed in a saline bottle and infusion started. We encourage you to listen to any soothing music of your choice during the procedure. You are constantly monitored by the doctor during the entire session. The infusion takes around an hour as a whole after which the cannula is removed and a small band-aid is applied.

That's it!

There is minor sleepiness for a few hours which gradually goes away as you travel back in your car.

The effect is generally immediate but may take up to a day to fully appear.

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